Auction Marketing Method

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-2-01-05-pmThe auction marketing method is becoming the preferred means of selling and buying real estate.

To provide you with the best auction experience available, we partner with Murray Wise & Associates. Crosby & Associates knows land. Murray Wise & Associates knows land auctions. Together we provide unprecedented, highly successful auction sales.

Our auctions are tailored to provide the seller with maximum property value and use. It is not enough to have good attendance at your land auction. You need people ready to buy. This is where Crosby & Associates and Murray Wise goes to bat. Our comprehensive, dynamic marketing campaigns are put into action 6-8 weeks before auction day.

Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Put people on the ground, analyzing the market thoroughly to determine the best way to position your land to possible audiences
  • Locate prospective land buyers through established mailing lists
  • Promote your property through lending institutions, property inspections and one-on-one meetings
  • Meet with or talk to nearly all buyer prospects prior to the auction
  • Create eye-catching advertisements and outdoor signage, national award-winning brochures, even television commercials
  • Provide regular written and oral reports regarding the marketing effort and overall response
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