Now providing Wildlife Consulting Services to Our Clients

Sean Paul, Land Specialist REALTOR®

and now providing Wildlife Consulting Services

Service Recommendations:

  • Feeding deer, turkey and hogs, population balance, and health of animals  
  • Alligator population control
  • Habitat for gophers, scrub jays, and other wildlife  
  • Fish populations, feeding and pond/lake quality
  • Controled burning, chopping, disking and food plots
  • Invasive weed identification and recommendations on how to eradicate and keep them under control

Background and experience:

  • From Dec 2007 to April 2015:
    • managed wildlife and recreational practices on family’s 3,000± acre ranch. Including
      • food plot placement;
      • when and what to plant and what size to plant for deer and turkey; 
      • deer feeder placement, what to feed, how much to feed, when to set out mineral blocks for deer and deer feeder type, size and how to build a fence around one properly; 
      • when to control burn, what to burn, how much to burn at a time and how often; 
      • what and how often to chop, mowing and discing;  
      • invasive weed control eradication and management; 
      • turkey habitat management, feral hog control, alligator trapping and alligator egg collecting; 
      • quality control on several types of fish including largemouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, crappie and bait fish for the bigger fish to eat.
    • Worked closely with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation on matters and efforts.
        • Including:
          • On Sean’s ranch they took counts of deer, turkey health and habitat evaluations, land and habitat evaluations, implementing state programs to improve wildlife habitats.  
          • As a result, he has many connections with the FWC and other individuals with whom he will consult with when coming up with a plan that best suits what you want done and that works with your budget.  

If you are interested in Wildlife Consulting Services for your property please contact

Sean Paul, 863-412-5305,

Hourly Rate: $60 per hour (includes travel and consulting)

Includes:  Travel to your property, look it over, evaluate it and make recommendations concerning wildlife and recreational land management.

  • Detailed billing
  • Payments accepted: Cash or Check
  • For Checks please make payable/mail to:
    • Crosby and Associates, 141 5th St. NW, Suite 202, Winter Haven, FL 33881.