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Isabella Diaz


Isabella is a Florida-born, Puerto Rican with lots of passion and drive. She has traveled to three different countries (outside the U.S.), which are Belize, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Isabella graduated with her associates and undergraduate degrees (including workforce certifications) from Polk State College. She has worked for different businesses and organizations throughout the county, such as Polk State College and Polk Vision. Isabella majored in Business Administration, Supervision, and Management and loves being a team player. Over the past five years, Isabella has obtained experience in project management, working with nonprofits throughout Polk County, collaborating with fellow organizations to accomplish community initiatives, and engaging in student leadership while enrolled at Polk State College.

Isabella values unity, diversity, teamwork, and workplace culture. She also loves to travel, cook, spend time with family, write poetry, and more. Theme parks, zoos, outdoor markets, and the mall are also places that you'll most likely run into Isabella. As a professional, her biggest goal is to grow her experience in business management and seek new challenges in an innovative work environment.


B.A.S. in Supervision & Management (Business Administration 2022)

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