Beginner’s Guide to Farming in Florida

Farming can be an incredibly lucrative business. This sentiment is especially true in Florida. Floridian farmers make tons of cash selling their crops to larger manufacturing companies every year. If you want to cash in on this booming trend, read this beginner’s guide to farming in Florida. If you follow these steps, you could end up with thousands of dollars in your pockets.

Work With the Experts

No one can just buy a piece of land and call themselves a farmer. There are multiple steps involved in the process. First, you should work with a trusted agricultural real estate company who can help you throughout the entire journey. The expert team at Crosby & Associates is dedicated to making your farming dreams come true. We’ll help you decide which land is best for your farming needs. We’ll also help you figure out other complicated matters like county zoning laws. Most people who are just beginning a career in agriculture don’t realize how complex the process is. That’s why you need an ally by your side who will ask the tough questions and sort through the intricate details. If you’re in the market for farmland in Florida, contact Crosby & Associates today.

What Type of Farm Do You Want?

When it comes to farming in Florida, options abound. The Sunshine State is known around the world for its vegetable farms. If you’re a vegetable lover, perhaps consider taking on the endeavor of starting a vegetable farm. Of course, there are other alternatives for those looking for something a little different. Inspired ranchers should think about starting a cattle farm. This requires a lot more maintenance than a vegetable farm, but the profits could be substantial. You could try to be Florida-specific in your farming aspirations as well. Research popular crops that Florida is known for growing. Perhaps you could cash in on that niche market.

Follow the Proper Codes

Everyone who’s starting a career in agriculture must understand the importance of following codes. If you work with an agricultural real estate company such as Crosby & Associates, we’ll ensure that you follow all zoning laws. Yet, it’s your responsibility to follow all requirements laid out by health administrations, like the FDA. You can never sell crops to companies that don’t pass the proper inspections. Make sure that you’re following best practices for agriculture and avoid health-code violations by ensuring everything you grow is safe for consumption.

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