Land for Sale in Lake County, FL

Nestled in northwest Central Florida, Lake County boasts a picturesque landscape combined with a bustling industrial scene. At Crosby & Associates, we can help you capitalize on land for sale in Lake County, FL. All our agents understand that buying or selling property is a major event in life, which is why we custom-tailor programs for you. Our company specializes in commercial and agricultural real estate in the southeastern United States. We possess years of experience in the real estate industry, and we eagerly look forward to working with our clients.   

Why Get into Commercial Real Estate?  

Owning commercial real estate in Lake County, FL, poses several benefits. You’ll have potential for 6-12% annual return on the initial investment. In addition, you can operate a mutually-beneficial relationship with your tenants; they want their property to have value, and so do you. We’ll make sure the information provided to you is reliable and accurate. Provided that the seller uses a knowledgeable broker, the asking price should be set where an investor can earn the prevailing cap rate for the type of property they’re considering.   

Why Get into Agricultural Real Estate?  

This form of real estate poses unique benefits, such as the potential for federal income tax breaks and environmental benefits. The potential tax breaks are made possible via a conservation easement, which entails an agreement to permanently restrict land usage to accommodate conservation ideals. In turn, you preserve natural features such as wildlife. There are also several other benefits to owning commercial real estate in Lake County, FL—little startup funds and no maintenance are among them.   

Why Lake County?  

Lake County offers the ideal location for commercial and agricultural real estate. More and more people are coming into the area, as the population increased by over 10,000 residents between 2016 and 2017. Home to over 346,000 people, Lake County affords a unique mix of nature and downtown districts. Whether you plan on owning a personal ranch, hunting land, or waterfront property, Crosby & Associates can make buying or selling property seamless.    

Contact Crosby & Associates today to see land for sale in Lake County, FL.  

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