The Importance of Knowing What Your Land is Suited For

The Importance of Knowing What Your Land is Suited For

One should never underestimate the importance of knowing what your land is suited for. There are so many horror stories about investors purchasing land, only to realize it’s not compatible with their overall vision. Please, don’t make this mistake. Instead, read this list of things you should consider before you purchase a piece of property. If you inquire about these matters before you invest in land, you’ll save yourself many headaches down the line.


You must consider the topography of the land before you buy it. Topography plays a crucial role in determining what a piece of property is best suited for. For example, if you buy land with the hopes of developing a commercial building on it, the ground must have a relatively even topography. You couldn’t construct a building on a bumpy and uneven surface. Make sure the area is flat if you plan on building anything there. Our skilled team at Crosby & Associates Inc., are experts in commercial real estate in Florida and Georgia. We’ll make sure you ask the right questions before you purchase anything. Under our advisement, you’ll make a valuable investment that’s sure to bring you stable returns.

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements are very good for the environment. Conservation easements are regulations the government puts on areas of land to protect natural resources. These regulations typically inhibit the landowner from hunting, planting, or clearing anything on the ground. While these rules are great for the environment, they can cause real headaches for investors who want to purchase a piece of property. You must inquire about any conservation easements that may exist on your desired land before you buy it. If you’re a farmer who wants to buy land for agricultural purposes, conservation easements can really hinder your ability to run a successful business.


Everyone who owns land must know about the zoning laws of their area. New investors need to learn about zoning laws before they buy a piece of property. If you buy a lot without inquiring about zoning regulations, you could encounter tons of trouble in the future. If you want to build something on the land you purchase, you must know the exact zoning specifications before you begin construction. You can’t start building just because you have an inkling about where your land ownership begins and ends. Zoning laws vary from city to city. You may think you’re within the appropriate standards of one town, only to realize, the rules change if your building falls slightly into another’s city’s territory.

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