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Real Estate Marketing

We don’t set out to reach the most people. We want the right people.

The ones who need or want your property and who will pay the highest price.

It all starts with your property, and your needs.

Only after we completely understand your needs, can we create the best marketing program for you. Our assessment determines where we advertise and how we position your property in the market.

Or even how we sell it. While private treaty listings are most common, for the property with particular attributes, we will recommend an auction if we believe it will maximize value to the seller. An auction enables us to concentrate marketing efforts within a short time period, forcing prospective buyers to act on your timeline.

Whatever method best suits your property, you can be sure that our marketing team fully understands it and is equipped to get you the best possible price.

Custom programs for different types of properties

We build your marketing program around your land, and the buyers you need to reach. For example, our customized plan for selling your ranch might focus on media that reach horse breeders or beef producers. For your groves and cropland, our focus may be on growers or investors. If the land is transitional, we may emphasize developers or builders.

Whether your target market is ranchers, growers, investors or others, we know who they are and how to reach them. We can position your property to catch their attention, helping you sell for the best possible price.

In-house marketing

Unique to Crosby & Associates, we offer property owners in-house marketing. This means our property specific land sales campaigns are created by marketing and communications professionals who understand the unique attributes of rural and commercial real estate. With deep roots in agriculture as well as the real estate industry, our Associates and staff understand the agriculture and commercial industries in the Southeast and collaborate on all properties to tailor a campaign to meet your needs. The combination of our experience and property-specific approach maximizes your property’s visibility to potential buyers.

When you trust us to list your property, you will benefit from local, regional, and national visibility as well as buyer specific targeted outreach. Our longstanding history means we have the know-how to identify and reach the best buyer for you. Our technically skilled and targeted approach maximizes our owners success. We’re highly effective at targeting the right prospective buyers for you.

Meet our Marketing Director, April Spaulding, who executes and leads our collaborative campaigns.

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